• Rais atembelea Banda la PPF siku ya Wanawake Duniani

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  • PPF yatunukiwa tuzo ya Hesabu safi

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  • Maafisa wa Mamlaka ya Usimamizi wa Mafao ya Uzeeni Kenya (RBA) watembelea PPF Makao Makuu

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  • Mei Mosi

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  • Mkuu wa Mkoa DSM aridhishwa na uwekezaji wa PPF

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  • PPF sponsored Excellence in Journalism Awards Tanzania (EJAT) event held at Mlimani City

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  • PPF yatuza Wafanyakazi wake bora wa mwaka 2014

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Welcome to Fund's Website

The PPF Pensions Fund was established by the PPF Pensions Fund Act [Cap 372 R.E 2002] as amended time to time with the objective of providing pensions and other related terminal benefits to all employees in the formal and informal sectors.

Our commitment is to deliver both effective and efficient services which recognizes and value the importance of our customers. We are dedicated to continue developing and improving our customer services by focusing on keeping our customers at the centre of all Fund activities. Read more


To be a model provider of comprehensive Social Security Services.


To provide quality pensions and allied benefits to members through utilization of dedicated human capital and modern technology with high degree of accuracy and promptness.


Factors taken into account when computing pensions benefits include:

  • APE = Average of the highest 3 years salary for the last 10 years.
  • PS = Pension Service (The Contributory period in Months)
  • PF = Pension Factor/Accrual rate (1/580)

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